Ronaldo’s injury

The brasilian striker Ronaldo will be out in a mounth, and his apparences will be maybe at the end of this mounth. The brasilian was injured on 31 July, and he was a victim of doctors, because the diagnostic was wrong.

Jean-Pierre Meersseman the coordinator of the AC Milan medical staff was wrong when he diagnosticated him with muscle extension.




  1. poor ronaldo…we missed him on action and hope to see him soon play on milan…i love ronaldo hes my idol…hero RONALDO 9 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dr. Meersseman wasn’t, in fact, wrong- Ronaldo chose to consuld a diferent doctor instead of AC Milan’s staff.

  3. Ronaldo my name is Dunte’ from a island named bermuda i hope 2 see u playen again soon! I miss watchen your exciting action i’m your #1 fan and i idol you, i also were number 9 n i try my best 2 play just like u! HURRY BACK !

  4. am osman jalloh from guinea conakry . areas: at dabompa
    i don’t know what to say about my hero r9 . i also name after him that name , my friends are also calling me that name . he is the best for ever.
    i love him . i love ronaldo like i love my self or more than ,
    i just want to ask the world
    does anyone still doubt that ronaldo was born to score goals?
    every body wish to be like him
    my dream in my life is to see ronaldo
    please can anyone help me to see my uncle r9
    my email is or

  5. I found a very comfortable and stylish bwin Milan Ronaldo 99 footballshirt at the Red Cross second hand shop. I like it much and reading the story of Ronaldos injury makes me feel very sorry for him. I hope He trains footballplayers. I mean life isn´t over, but it changes. We love You Ronaldo! I like you on facebook.

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