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Ronaldinho will complete the trio?

Will Ronaldinho transfer at AC Milan? Will Berlusconi pay 100 milion EUR? Who will win AC Milan or Chelsea? Berlusconi or Abramovic?

I can’t wait to know…

Kaka will win “The Golden Ball”

The brasilian of AC Milan – Kaka will win on 2 december “The Golden Ball”. Kaka must “beat” his team mate Andreea Pirlo and the argentinian starlet Llionel Messi. The freshest winner will take the price from Fabio Cannavaro, the Real Madrid defender.

Kaka is on the top of the list of most the coachs who votes him the best player of the world.

The list with the 50 players will be announced on 23 october and Kaka will be announced the winner on 2 december.

The next season will be a novelty and will be pitched 2 “Golden Ball”, one for the best player in the world and one for the entire career, and probably the price will go also in AC Milan team, at the champion and the captain Paolo Maldini.

The honours list of Maldini is huge:

7 scodetto (Italian League)

5 Italian Super Cup

1 Italian Cup

5 Champions League

5 Uefa Super Cup

2 Intercontinental Cup

Milan win in first match

Another match in Champions League, another win. This time the victim was Benfica Lisbon.

The goals of AC Milan was scored by Andrea Pirlo and Pipo Inzaghi in first half. Benfica ends the game with a goal scored by Nuno Gomes.

the first day results of Champions League:

FC Porto 1-1 FC Liverpool

Marseille 2-0 Beshiktas

Chelsea 1-1 Rosembourg

Schalke 0-1 Valencia

Olympiacos 1-1 Lazio

Real Madrid 2-1 Werder

Schaktar 2-0 Celtic

Siena – AC Milan 1-1

AC Milan was stopped by Siena. Milan finnishing with a great goal of Alesandro Nesto in the end of match (’90).

It was the first goal of Nesta this season.

I hope to do the same (draw or lose) tomorow the rivals. Go Catania.

In another today match Real Madrid won agains Almeira (3-1), and continue the excelent start season.

Ronaldo’s injury

The brasilian striker Ronaldo will be out in a mounth, and his apparences will be maybe at the end of this mounth. The brasilian was injured on 31 July, and he was a victim of doctors, because the diagnostic was wrong.

Jean-Pierre Meersseman the coordinator of the AC Milan medical staff was wrong when he diagnosticated him with muscle extension.


David Beckham agains Pele

LA Galaxy starlet was bantered by the brasilian legend Pele, who believe that David must play in a movie not in the field, in a stadium. Pele pronounce that “David it hasn’t face by a football player, he must prepare, because a lot of people expect a lot of him”.

Maybe Pele is angry because David has a huge popularity?